Easter Traditions

Easter is such a fun time of year!  In our part of the word it means the weather is about to start cooling down, we can start digging in the garden and of course CHOCOLATE! So what’s not to love!?


Our two big kids attend a Catholic primary school, so they have lots of activities that center around the Christian calendar (Ash Wednesday, Lent, Palm Sunday etc)  so it is a pretty busy time of year (not to mention both of them have their birthdays in March).  So because it is so busy we generally try to keep our traditions simple.  I decorate the house at the beginning of March- its not much but it makes the house seem more cheery.


We also try to take the kids to Bunnings to do a craft session there- the kids have made Easter Egg Bird nests and Bunny egg baskets in the past and they love getting them out every year.  Our closest store runs 2 sessions every Saturday & Sunday,  it’s free and the people that run them are just gorgeous!

I am not so secretly addicted to hot cross buns and so another tradition is to start buying and consuming them as much as possible- I tend to freeze a couple of packs to get out in the middle of winter too!


I also make or buy the boys a pair of pajamas each- this year I made a pair of pants and will buy a top to match, but if we are too busy then I will happily buy a pair!  This is my latest offering- it took me a couple of hours to make 2 pairs for each of the boys.

As you’d expect the boys favorite Easter tradition is the egg hunt on Sunday morning.  We are lucky to live on a farm with 3 other kids only a couple of hundred meters away so we try to get together and have an Easter egg hunt. The kids will gather all the eggs and then split them evenly so that everyone gets an equal share- its chaotic and cute and so worth the effort to see the excitement on their faces as they rush around and then divvy the eggs up together.

Do you do anything for Easter?  What’s your favorite Easter tradition?

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