Farm Wife Life: Burning Season

Life on a farm is full of pretty amazing moments.  I love being surrounded by wide open spaces.  We see the most awesome things almost everyday- kangaroos, snakes and lizards, sunsets and sunrises- we get it all.  This is an insight into the highs and lows of life on a farm, and first up is Burning Season (oh the joys)

Each year in our neck of the wood the farmers set fire to their paddocks.  The date they are allowed to burn is set in advance and I seem to forget it’s coming up every year and am always surprised to walk our of my house into a cloud of smoke.

The reason farmers burn their stubble is to eradicate weeds- the seeds are killed in the heat of a fire.  I understand it’s a necessary evil of life on the farm, but the endless afternoons of not being able to hang washing on the line or open a window begin to wear after the first couple of days.

Living surrounded by smoke really sucks, but it makes for some pretty awesome sunsets, and I know it means that seeding and the cooler weather is just around the corner.  IMG_6377


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