Self Saucing Butterscotch Pudding

What more do I need to say?  Do yourself (and who ever you might cook this for) and try this recipe!!  This is one of the few things my husband can and will cook for people (the other things are custard,  eggs on toast, anything on a BBQ and his Easy Mix cake) Continue reading

The Sneeze

Charlie’s afternoon nap time is from 1pm till 3pm and if he misses it we all (I) suffer for it.   This afternoon he decided (and I’m sure he has an excellent reason) not to fall asleep in his cot as he usually does.   After an hour of crying in which he did not stop, I relented & gave him his dummy. He still didn’t stop crying- just spat it out & waved his little fists around.  There were real tears and all! Continue reading

The “Kate” Timi & Leslie Baby Bag- a review

A stylish nappy bag can be impossible to find!  In my time as a Mum I’ve been through a heap of bags- from simple bags from Target to some of a more designer bent.  When I fell pregnant with Charlie I decided that I wanted to find a bag that would fit everything I needed for both the baby, the boys and myself- not an easy task!

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School Holidays: A Survival Guide

Across Australia parents are either recovering from or in the midst of school holidays (and in New Zealand preparing themselves for the oncoming school break).  Any primary caregiver knows how trying the school holidays can be.  Suddenly kids are out of routine and stuck in the house 24/7 and often both parents and kids can go a little loopy!

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7 ways to make driving with a baby (a little more) stress free

As someone who has kids on a farm I have become fairly practiced at travelling with a baby and small (and now larger) children.  The closest shops to us are an hour away and our nearest city (with more than a Target) is 4.5 hours away, so I’ve had a bit of practice with driving long distances and the difficulties of being away from the comforts of home with a young family in tow.  I know how stressful it is, and how messy and disrupting it can be, so I hope these ideas can help you make it all a little easier. Continue reading