The Sneeze

Charlie’s afternoon nap time is from 1pm till 3pm and if he misses it we all (I) suffer for it.   This afternoon he decided (and I’m sure he has an excellent reason) not to fall asleep in his cot as he usually does.   After an hour of crying in which he did not stop, I relented & gave him his dummy. He still didn’t stop crying- just spat it out & waved his little fists around.  There were real tears and all!

Normally he sleeps anywhere

I’m not normally a push over and as long as he isn’t really upset I will let him have a cry but today I decided to pick him up and cuddle him so he could at least get a little sleep.  It didn’t work (well not at first) I was rocking & swaying, jiggling & patting and he just kept whinging (not really,  really upset & definitely not screaming, just not happy). To any innocent bystander (read; husband) I would have looked like I had ants in my pants…..


Our current state of play….

Finally Charlie stopped with the upset & drifted off to sleep, and point 5 of a second after he fell asleep I felt a sneeze coming on…. Not a polite little tickle- no, it was a huge, uncomfortable SNEEZE and I couldn’t hold it in.  No amount of squeezing my eyes shut, or pressing on the (supposedly) magic pressure point on my upper lip would stop it coming.  My nose screwed up, my body tensed, I knew I’d be facing a screaming & pissed off baby in a matter of milliseconds…… And it went away! So now I am stuck with a sleeping baby in my arms that I’m too scared to put down (and I don’t really want to) and a tickle in the back of my nose that is telling me any second now a surprise attack will be launched by my own body and I will just have to deal with it…..




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