Daily Life; 5 things I couldn’t do without

I (like many people) have a pretty good routine happening to get me through each day.  There are somethings (and people) in my life I simply couldn’t do without and I thought I’d share with you my current loves that I don’t know how I’d do without…

1. My Erin Condren Life Planner,

I use this to plan-as it says in the name- my whole life and that of my family.  Each day, after madly running around to get the boys ready for school, and to the bus (and possibly having a shower and getting dressed if I did the bus run in my PJ’s) I sit down with a coffee and my breakfast and plan my day.  I sit with my diary open and write in my to do list, what I will make for tea that night and check what I have coming up in the week.  I feel so prepared and ready to face the day if I sit even just for 5 minutes and update my planner- I love it

2.  My Nespresso coffee machine

I never thought I’d become a coffee snob- I used to hate coffee and only started drinking it because I really really REALLY needed caffeine to get me through those early years of H & Max as babies!  But now I love coffee and love the ease of chucking in a coffee capsule and a cup under the spout (most of the time…) and knowing I’ll have a perfect cup of coffee in seconds.  I do worry about the capsules and the environmental impact & wonder if a biodegradable coffee pod could be a better option but until Nespresso brings one out I’ll do my bit in other ways.

3. My new jeans from Target.

Even almost 6 months post baby I STILL am not fitting comfortably into my old jeans- eek.  While I’m going to ignore the health/ weight implications of that and try not to put pressure on myself, with the weather finally cooling down I desperately needed a comfortable & affordable pair of jeans and whilst browsing in Target I discovered their new denim range and was very pleasantly surprised.  Not only do the jeans comfortably fit my 6ft height with no ankle to be seen, they are high waist, very comfortable to wear and very reasonably priced.  I bought a pair of Shape Your Body skinny and straight legged jeans and they are already seeing daily wear!

4. My Kindle app.

I am a pretty voracious reader and time was I would devour a book a day.  Whilst I don’t quite read that fast anymore I do finish about 3 or 4 books a week, so being able to read whenever I have a spare minute is really nice, and something I wouldn’t really be able to do with such ease if I didn’t have a Kindle app on my phone and ipad.  Reading is how I destress, and how I tell my body to relax, so my Kindle is something I use daily!

5. My beautiful friends and family.

I’ve been pretty busy recently- attending an Ag show conference, visiting my Grandmother in the city & doing my usual volunteering so I’ve been really relying on my friends and family (particularly my Mother in Law and Mum).  I don’t know what I would do without my friends, they give so much support and love I would be lost without them- even the little things like sharing a bus run make life that much easier- if you are reading this Jen- thank you, I don’t know what I’d do without you.

My beautiful Mum, with Charlie,

What are the things you love, and need every day?

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