School Holidays; 5 things I couldn’t do without

Oh, school holidays are here in Western Australia and I am both looking forward to and dreading them at the same time.  Last school holidays were pretty trying and stressful and I am really hoping that these ones will not be the same.  Here are 5 things I’ll be relying on to get me through the next 2 weeks and hopefully help us all relax and enjoy some time together!  Continue reading

6 ways to Reconnect as a Family

In the hectic pace of life, recently it has felt like I am always travelling in an opposite direction to my husband (both figuratively & literally).  We seem to be spending time as a family for an average of 15 minutes a day- mostly filled with nagging- before we all separate again to go about our day to day life; school, sport, community bits & pieces, it’s never ending and I’ve found myself tiring of it.  Even though I know it will all come to an end soon enough, and that the majority of this disconnect has been caused by a hectic time on the farm it doesn’t make it any easier to stay connected in the here & now.  So I’ve put together a ‘go-to’ for others in a similar situation, who may be just as time & energy poor but still desperately need that special family time just like us.   Continue reading

Dear washing machine manufacturers- we need to talk

Now, I know it’s your job to sell white goods, and I know that having them last forever would mean your business would be in a bit of trouble, but is it too much to bloody ask to have a washing machine last for more than a blink of an eye!?! Or to have one that doesn’t have parts that break, or that just does it’s job– would it!!? Continue reading

Rock Chick by Kristen Ashley; Book Review

I love reading, and a few years ago I stumbled upon Kristen Ashley- my (now) favorite author! Rock Chick is really the book from which many of her series link back to and is definitely worth reading!  It is packed with romance, drama, a bit of action and intrigue, and I absolutely love it.

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Coping with Sick Kids

Winter is upon us and over the last couple of weeks all 3 of my kids have been ill.  Thankfully they have only had minor ailments- colds, coughs etc- but it still places an added stress on the household!!! I am lucky that I don’t work in the conventional sense- I do part time work in a volunteer (meaning unpaid) capacity and so if my kids are sick I can (luckily) stay at home with them without having to worry about sick leave etc -though I have fallen behind on my other work- sick kids take up so much extra time! Here is how I’ve survived (so far) with having a sick kid (or 3!!!!) at home.

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Easy Apple Muffins

Anyone who knows me well will tell you, quick & easy are generally the name of the game in my kitchen.  Any recipe with more than 10 ingredients will probably not feature on high rotation at my house.  I like healthy, one bowl wonders, that I can make while I have a baby on my hip and 2 kids (or sometimes 5) asking me questions about their homework, so it is with good reason I recommend these all in one apple muffins! You can make them with either a thermomix, or any thermal cooker, a food processor or the classic kitchen mixer or bowl and spoon- it’s like a choose your own adventure!!

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Pregnancy Style on a budget

Being pregnant brings with it all sorts of new challenges and one that I found pretty challenging was style.  Anyone who knows me, knows I’m not that style savvy (at all) but we all like to feel good about how we look and I find that for me, a lot of that comes from the clothes I wear.  Here’s a quick guide to what I wore during my pregnancy with Charlie, while sticking to a pretty strict budget (and being limited to access to shops- hello online shopping!) Continue reading

“Me Time” or lack thereof

Recently on the Fat Mum Slim, Photo a Day challenge the theme for the days photo was “Me Time”.  Unfortunately this took place on a Saturday- the one day of the week I am pretty much guaranteed to get absolutely no time for myself, but it got me thinking- what do I do to look after myself? What do other women, Mums or even anyone at all, do to keep themselves on track- what do we do for me time (and when do we get it!?) Continue reading

New Mum Etiquette: How to visit a new baby

Oh I’m so excited!  So many of my friends are having babies, and everyone knows the most precious baby moment of all is visiting the new addition (and glowing Mumma) in hospital- but just pause for a second- there are some pretty important things to consider if you want to have a snuggle with that beautiful bundle and not put the new parents out- here are my top tips Continue reading