New Mum Etiquette: How to visit a new baby

Oh I’m so excited!  So many of my friends are having babies, and everyone knows the most precious baby moment of all is visiting the new addition (and glowing Mumma) in hospital- but just pause for a second- there are some pretty important things to consider if you want to have a snuggle with that beautiful bundle and not put the new parents out- here are my top tips


My Mum brought my kids in everyday to see their new brother (and me!)

1. Don’t go if you are sick

This SHOULD be a no brainer but I’m going to tell you AGAIN, because you would be shocked how many people think ‘oh it’s just a little sniffle, I just won’t get to close’  Nope, no way, no how should you be within yelling distance of a newborn if you are unwell.  Not only are you compromising the health of that vulnerable baby, but I guarantee you no new parent needs the added stress of even the smallest cold on top of a new addition to their family.  JUST DON’T GO

2. Get a Whooping Cough booster

This isn’t a must, but I would strongly recommend you consider getting one and letting the new parents know.  I won’t brow beat you with my stance on immunisation, I’ll just say- your friends will appreciate it and may very well feel more comfortable letting you snuggle with the baby- and really that makes the tiny little needle all worth it! (Plus a booster lasts for 10 years!!!!).  I can tell you I’ve had a booster, as have my parents, husband and Mother In Law- it’s neither painful nor difficult to arrange- you can ask the midwives at the hospital if you’ve left it to the last minute.

3. Text or ring ahead

Arrange a time to come in, check visiting hours and when the new Mum would like you to come, and then be on time.   There are few things worse than being a new Mum, juggling baby feeds, nurse check ups and visitors and having someone show up when you don’t expect- don’t add to the stress of those crazy first days and don’t show up with no notice.

4. Don’t over stay you’re welcome

Pop in, have a chat with the proud Mumma and a cuddle with the baby and then take your leave.  I remember being beyond exhausted and not wanting to be rude by kicking my visitors out, so I’ve learnt- stay 10-15 minutes and go (depending on your relationship and how they are feeling etc).  You can always see the bub and Mum again when they are home (or the next day if you have a close relationship).

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANanNan and her third Grandchild

5.  Ask if they need anything

All 3 times I’ve been in hospital with my boys I’ve either realized I needed something or had forgotten something -the people who asked me if I wanted them to bring something have my everlasting love because they were the ones who made my life easier while I was in hospital.  Whether it’s something they might have forgotten from home, or a bunch of grapes (I always wanted fresh fruit in hospital) ask what you can bring for them- they’ll appreciate it

Is there anything I’ve forgotten?

I’m off to visit a new baby tomorrow- I can’t wait!!!!

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