“Me Time” or lack thereof

Recently on the Fat Mum Slim, Photo a Day challenge the theme for the days photo was “Me Time”.  Unfortunately this took place on a Saturday- the one day of the week I am pretty much guaranteed to get absolutely no time for myself, but it got me thinking- what do I do to look after myself? What do other women, Mums or even anyone at all, do to keep themselves on track- what do we do for me time (and when do we get it!?)

These days (with a baby, 2 kids and endless commitments) I get my “me time” on most weekdays- at 9am I put Charlie down for his sleep and sit with my tablet, a coffee and my diary and work out what I am going to do for the day.


I feel like this is pretty good for my general well being as I feel so much calmer and organised after that brief coffee and sit down before tackling my days jobs. I also go for a walk- on days the stars align and the kids, weather and after school commitments all work together- it happens more than you’d think!


So instead of having some ‘me time’ on Saturday (our dancing/ town/ jobs day) I bought myself some beautiful flowers- and I think that was even better than a ‘Mummy time out’!


What do you do to look after yourself, what’s your “me time”?

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