Pregnancy Style on a budget

Being pregnant brings with it all sorts of new challenges and one that I found pretty challenging was style.  Anyone who knows me, knows I’m not that style savvy (at all) but we all like to feel good about how we look and I find that for me, a lot of that comes from the clothes I wear.  Here’s a quick guide to what I wore during my pregnancy with Charlie, while sticking to a pretty strict budget (and being limited to access to shops- hello online shopping!)


Where I live is almost on the same parallel as Brisbane (but inland, and in WA) and in summer we have temperatures of up to 50°C and as low as 10°C (as an all day temp- yes I know in Canberra that is positively balmy in winter!!) so I needed a lot of layering pieces, that could come off and on depending on the weather gods.


 I’ve now done the pregnancy gig through the depths of both summer and winter, and I’ve found that the my base wardrobe was pretty much the same for both seasons (exchanging jeans for shorts in summer).  Here’s what I used the most whilst pregnant;

Note- I live 100km from a Target, Jeans West and a few other clothes shops-and that’s all, during pregnancy online shopping was a good friend- check out ASOS maternity (my favorite)

1. A neutral and a black maternity singlet

I love Target’s seam free maternity singlets- they were comfortable from 12 weeks right through to 40 weeks (and 3 days) and I still wear them now around the house (at 7 months postnatal)- they are soft, stretchy and really good quality!


40 weeks and 40 degrees!

2. A maternity tee

Again (this is going to get repeated a lot) Target had some great, cheap and good quality scoop neck tee’s when I was pregnant with Charlie.  They lasted almost until 40 weeks and got quite a bit of use in my second trimester because they are so easy to wear- a scarf, cardi or necklace can change your entire look- yay!



3. Maternity Jeans (I lived in these- because I always live in jeans)

I love JeansWest Maternity range- mostly because most of their jeans use an over belly fabric in a neutral shade- which means you can wear them with a lighter coloured top.  I do prefer over belly pants/ skirts etc as opposed to under as I found they are more comfortable for my body.

4. Maternity shorts

Buy 3/4’s if your due date is in late winter/ early spring, or something shorter if you will be experiencing the bliss of sweltering in summer (all 3 of my boys were due in summer- what terrible planning on my part!!). I bought mine from ASOS.

5. A Cardigan (or 2)

These came out of my wardrobe but you can find similar ones from CottonOnTarget, or anywhere that tickles your fancy really! I also wore my wraps- which I’ve had for years- they were great for layering when the day started cool and I knew would heat up- some of mine were from Ezibuy (yeh, yeh I shop like a 50 year old- I know) and were great for giving my waist a bit of definition ( what little there could be when lugging a bowling ball around in your tummy)


6. A maternity dress

I loved mine from Target, but there are so many around, find one in a style you normally wear and love!



7. A pair of leggings

I got away with wearing my old (larger), stretched out leggings until about 16 weeks and then (because it was my third baby) I needed to find a pair of comfy maternity ones that i could exercise and walk in. I bought a pair of cheap Target ones but they weren’t all that comfy so I ordered a pair from ASOS and they were brilliant.

8. A ‘nice’ top

I had a 90th birthday extravaganza to attend while I was in my 2nd trimester so I knew I’d need something nice.  ASOS came to the rescue once again and I bought a few nice tops from them- you’ll need at least one nice top I guarantee!



9. A variety of scarves (winter) and/ or statement necklaces (summer)

This is what will absolutely change one outfit to another- a colourful scarf or piece of jewellery will change a white tee into something pretty and interesting


I’m not going to tell you to buy ‘comfortable supportive shoes’ or a wire free bra, as I seemed to read endlessly- I’m hoping that you know you’ll need something on your feet that will feel okay, but I seriously doubt you will need to go out and buy something new (unless your feet swell to epic proportions), joggers, boots and slip ons will suffice (flip flops in summer also work), and a bra that will be comfy is a pretty standard item (at least for me, and I hope for you!)

{note- by 40 weeks, NOTHING will fit you properly, nor is likely to feel comfortable- embrace a soft pair of pants, dress or shorts and a big t-shirt and enjoy the remaining time you have with your beautiful belly}

So what did I miss- what did you live in during your pregnancy?

2 thoughts on “Pregnancy Style on a budget

  1. Angela Weiler says:

    I was living in sweater-dresses and leggings for the end (my son was born January 1st, so fall/winter pregnancy!) – comfy like pajamas, but dressy enough for work, church, and holiday parties!


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