Dear washing machine manufacturers- we need to talk

Now, I know it’s your job to sell white goods, and I know that having them last forever would mean your business would be in a bit of trouble, but is it too much to bloody ask to have a washing machine last for more than a blink of an eye!?! Or to have one that doesn’t have parts that break, or that just does it’s job– would it!!?

EPSON DSC picture

Now let me give you a little background on this little rant of mine- about 3 years ago we needed to upgrade our washing machine.  The old one was too small for our family of 4 (1 of which had just entered the nappy free at night stage and so sheet washing due to ‘accidents’ was a constant theme), and had started leaking.  So we shopped around and took the advice of a lovely saleslady who told us they’d never had a complaint about a large, efficient Simpson washer- so we swiped a magic card (hello repayments) and took it home.

After a week of using it I was in love- it was fast, did a great job and fit more in, meaning I didn’t have to do so many loads- yay!  But unfortunately the washer didn’t last.  After a year it started overbalancing occasionally, and by 2 years it was rarely getting through a load without at least 2 alarms going off.  By the time I bit the bullet and rang the company it was just out of warranty and was at the point where it wouldn’t get through a load at all because it quite seriously overbalanced every time I shut the lid.  I was 35 weeks pregnant and dealing with a nightmare of no washing machine, a husband stuck on a harvester and no idea how we’d afford a replacement (repair would cost as much as the washer, or so I was quoted).

Enter our new Samsung washing machine- a different brand (because I didn’t want to pay that much money to only have it last another 2 years- it was fancy, and shiny, and had good reviews online & from friends.  But our luck with washers seems to be bleak- after getting it home I realized the shortest wash would take 50 min, it did a terrible job and put holes in our clothes- to say I’m unimpressed would be an understatement.  Now its 8 months down the track and BOTH filters have broken (they were useless anyway) and the company told me that they are not covered under the warranty because they are consumables!! Consumables!?! No, a consumable is toilet paper, or dish washing liquid, it is expected that you will have to replace it (relatively) regularly- the plastic insert that I need to have to use my washing machine is NOT a consumable.  I am pretty upset!


Is it just that we are a throwaway society?  Do I have an unrealistic expectation of how long an extremely expensive household item should last?  I remember when a washing machine did it’s job  and also lasted for 10 years! Now I’m stuck with something that doesn’t even wash our clothes properly.  So here’s a tip to anyone responsible for making white goods- do it properly, make them a bit better quality so that integral parts don’t go flying off before the thing is even a year old, and last for at least 5 years.  And for anyone in the market for a washing machine- good luck!


Hello laundromat! (not really- the nearest is 100km away!)

What kind of washing machine do you have and would you recommend it?  Have you experienced a similar story to mine, have your rant here, I’ve got a sympathetic ear.

2 thoughts on “Dear washing machine manufacturers- we need to talk

  1. Sammie @ The Annoyed Thyroid says:

    Oh poor you! We have a Samsung and love it. Our experience has been quite the opposite to yours. That said, white goods don’t seem to last as long as they used to but I think that’s because they don’t make white goods like they used to either! I hope you get a wonder washer the next time around – third time lucky!


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