School Holidays; 5 things I couldn’t do without

Oh, school holidays are here in Western Australia and I am both looking forward to and dreading them at the same time.  Last school holidays were pretty trying and stressful and I am really hoping that these ones will not be the same.  Here are 5 things I’ll be relying on to get me through the next 2 weeks and hopefully help us all relax and enjoy some time together! 

1. Lego

The boys love playing with their Lego and during school term they don’t get as much of a chance as they would like, so when holidays swing around I encourage them to play.  We have a coffee table in their playroom that they use for their Lego- the rule is, if it’s left on the floor it will get vacuumed up- so far in 2 years I’ve only trodden on Lego once. Other ideas to keep small toys together is to use a sheet- spread it out and once the kids are done bundle it up with all the toys in the middle- sorted!


2. My apple slicer

This may seem like a ridiculous accessory but let me assure you it gets a huge workout on school holidays.  The boys love fresh fruit and I encourage them to eat lots of it.  It only saves me a few seconds, but when hungry tummies are involved that’s enough to make it worthwhile! Ok, I’ll be honest- I’m a little bit lazy- I take lots of short cuts in the kitchen when I can!!

3. Popcorn maker

Following on in the kitchen theme (with 3 boys I know the kitchen will be where I am 90% of my day when they hit their teen years- I’m just preparing myself for it now).  Popcorn is a super healthy, filling and fun snack for the kids.  It is easy to make even if you don’t have a popcorn maker, but I love the convenience of flicking a switch and having fresh (oil free) popcorn.  We generally don’t put any toppings on and the kids like it that way, but a little icing sugar, or sprinkles can make it special.  I sometimes mix our popcorn into a trail mix (dried fruit, nuts, cereal etc) and the kids enjoy that too.


4. Our craft bucket

This is filled with notebooks, activity books, paper, pens, pencils, string, tape, glue, glitter, stickers and almost every other craft paraphernalia you can get, and it keeps the kids occupied for hours.  When we have friends over this is what gets the biggest workout.  The kids write notes, make kites, origami, draw pictures, colour in and generally make a mess! But it keeps everyone’s minds active and engaged and for the little ones is a great way to continue to practice their school skills (pencil grip, fine motor skills etc).


5. Our TV

Oh screen time, how I have missed you!! During term I am super strict with how much time the kids spend with a tablet or in front of the TV, but as soon as it is school holidays those rules are relaxed.  The boys can turn the TV on as soon as they get up, we watch movies most afternoons that we are home, and are each allowed an hour with the tablet. This is probably a bit of lazy parenting on my part, but we all enjoy the relaxation and I certainly enjoy the added quiet time we get!


What are you going to be relying on for the school holidays?  If your’s are almost finished- give us some tips to get us through.

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