Have you been to an Ag show?

My writing has been a bit sporadic of late and the reason for that is that Ag show season is fast approaching!  Almost everyone in my community digs in and helps out at our local ag show- which is probably why is is such an amazing event- the community spirit is thick in the air and the sense of achievement is so exhilarating- but I’ve got to say the lead up is pretty hectic!

Agricultural shows are run by a committee under the auspice of the Royal Agricultural Society and are aimed at not only bringing a community together, but to showcase and educate others about the different types of agriculture in the area.  They are an amazing community event, and for my town especially are one of very few big community events.

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Bringing Home Baby – What I learnt the hard way

Oh a newborn baby is something so precious- a true miracle!  When you bring your bundle of joy home there are some things you might not know you need to know, I’m going to save you the hard yards of learning through trial and error- here’s what I wish I knew before we brought our boys home! Continue reading

Farm Wife Life; Tree Planting

Yesterday felt like it was about 0°C, it was cloudy, windy and looked like it was imminently going to rain the entire day (it didn’t), it was also the day the clearing behind our house was planted with trees.  Every year the farm we live on buys and plants trees and by all reports it is a pretty fun day.   Continue reading