Farm Wife Life; Tree Planting

Yesterday felt like it was about 0°C, it was cloudy, windy and looked like it was imminently going to rain the entire day (it didn’t), it was also the day the clearing behind our house was planted with trees.  Every year the farm we live on buys and plants trees and by all reports it is a pretty fun day.  

This year was the first time we’ve been able to be part of it- the planets aligned- the kids were old enough for it to be safe for them to help, we had nothing else on, and it was close by (we walked straight out our laundry door).  It was heaps of fun! We only helped for a couple of hours before the kids (and I) got tired, and with the houses right there everyone could come and go as they pleased.


At one stage there were 11 kids and 4 adults helping.  An array of trees and bushes were planted- York gums, salt bush, cassia, sheoak and a few others.


Winter is definitely my favorite time of year, and this is something we are all looking forward to for next year!!


They had a great time following the tractor and re planting the few seedlings that needed it


And they had a go themselves!


The tree planter was pretty exciting, though not exciting enough to keep Charlie awake



I’ll let you know how the seedlings do, they need a bit of rain over the next few weeks to get established, and we will soon have some gorgeous shrubs and trees around the house!

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