Bringing Home Baby – What I learnt the hard way

Oh a newborn baby is something so precious- a true miracle!  When you bring your bundle of joy home there are some things you might not know you need to know, I’m going to save you the hard yards of learning through trial and error- here’s what I wish I knew before we brought our boys home!

1. Always point the willy down

Parents of girls can skip merrily down the page because this one is just for boys- but it is a pretty important (and oft forgotten) tip.  I cannot tell you just how many times I would change my sons butt, only to pick him up ten minutes later and find his clothes soaked- it took me a while to realise we kept forgetting to point his willy south and so he would wee straight out of his nappy.  Fun times.  SO there you go- always remember the golden rule of changing boys nappies!


2. Take a spare change of clothes (for you and bub)

I never saw the mention of a spare top for the mother in any lists of what to take in your nappy bag, but too many times I have been spewed on, had puree spread on me, or even had boobs leak through my top- the amount of unnecessary emergency purchases of t-shirts and blouses I’ve made is ridiculous- learnt from me- pack one in your car so you can nip out and grab it should the need arise


3. Buy spare batteries

I don’t know what I would do without my baby swing, music player and vibrating bouncer- all of which have at times been employed at 2am when we simply can’t get the baby back to sleep and are about to fall in a heap. Sadly it is usually when you need them most that the batteries decide to die.  I keep spares of every kind of battery (also useful on Christmas morning!) and a screw driver, in a box that I can blindly reach for in the wee hours of the morning.


4. Ask for help

I know I’ve mentioned this before but there is absolutely no shame in asking for a hand- or accepting when help is offered.  Many of us that have already had kids know the early days can be a struggle, just accept the offer of assistance; whether it be babysitting for your other children, a meal for your freezer or a washing folding session.  If you feel guilty know that one day you will be in the same place your friends are now and will have the chance to help someone else. And if nobody offers you a bit of a hand ask for it!  Ask someone to come over and hold the baby while you wash your hair or get out of the house for a while or what ever, don’t feel guilty to ask for some support if you need it!



So there you go- these are the things I had to learn the hard way- whether it was getting wee’d on in a shopping center or realising I hadn’t washed my hair for way too long, I had to figure these things out by living them and it wasn’t always a pleasant learning journey so I hope I’ve helped someone out there!


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