What do you do when your child isn’t doing well at school?

Chatting to the teacher- check, notes home- check, talking to your child- check.  Please someone tell me, because I really want to know the answer.  I’m involved at school and we have really good communication between the school and home, but one of my kids is just not doing well and I feel like a bit of a failure as a parent. 

IMG_4356 - Copy

We do homework regularly and generally its a fuss free and positive experience (though the other night we had an epic meltdown), I go into class, I talk to my child in a positive way about what we expect (for him to try- failure isn’t an issue, it’s the failure to launch that’s causing issues).  I mean really, there are only so many parenting books and websites you can read, and only so many guru’s you can listen to before you just throw up your hands and admit defeat.


Someone tell me what you do when you have an issue worth your child’s learning because I’m at my wits end!

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