Pregnancy- a review

Oh the glowing, and puking and swelling and baby flutters- isn’t it a wonderful time full of exciting, nerve-racking and sometimes embarrassing moments-  pregnancy sure is a rollercoaster of highs and lows!

I was having a chat to a couple of girlfriends the other day and they were talking about the fact that so few people really tell it like it is when it comes to pregnancy, birth and having kids, and I mentioned that one of my blog drafts was a series about exactly that- a review 

While I am in no way an expert, an obstetrician, nor have I experienced absolutely all there is to have happen when in the midst of being a baby production facility, I have carried 3 beautiful babies to term and so have a tiny (and really it is only tiny) bit of understanding of what goes on, and have carried out some rather informal research (coffee chats post birth!) to bring you my review of PREGNANCY.


(I’ll say it again- every pregnancy is different- this is just my experiences and those I’ve discussed with friends!)


40 weeks, 40 degrees Celsius = bliss

What they say;

Depending on which book, website or well meaning friend or relative you are taking advice from each will tell you different things – here’s a jumble of all of them- “Pregnancy is a very exciting and confusing time” according to  Pregnancy, Birth & Baby, I was told “it will be the most magical, empowering and exhilarating time of your life” by a friend.  As Kaz Cooke from ‘Up The Duff’ says in her intro- “As far as my body was concerned it’s major priority was growing a healthy baby..I had become a host organ”


What I think;


You feel pretty magical- the first flutters of your baby are something very special, and I always loved having a big belly (that I didn’t have to hide or suck in), plus having people open doors for you or offer to help you out always makes your day.  Take my advice, savour those moments of feeling the baby kick, sit down and just enjoy the feeling- it is something so precious and you will definitely miss it!


You get a lot of positive attention when you are pregnant, people love a pregnant women in my experience and its easy to hold entire conversations based on the baby in your tummy.

Not to mention the shopping! I have to admit the shopping was a lot of fun, there’s the maternity clothes, the baby clothes, prams, cots, car seats, toys, nursery gear, nappy bags…the list is never ending- even though we hit up a lot of second-hand sales for our baby goods, I still had lots of fun! So any retail addict will enjoy the need to head online or to the local mall.


If you are lucky enough your hair and skin will be the best ever, all those vitamins you have to take really do pay off- my hair grew a lot while I was pregnant, and suddenly my skin was clear and I loved it!



There are times you will feel like crap- it might be while you are in the throws (and I mean that literally) of morning sickness, or at 40 weeks and 3 days overdue- with the good comes the bad and it’s just a reality of growing a tiny miracle.  You will feel tired, possibly nauseous and likely like a beached whale at times (the latter most likely at 40 weeks while trying to roll over in bed fyi).


The reality of morning sickness is that it lasts all day (in my case anyway) and the nausea is actually worse than being sick, you will wish you could be sick, just so the feeling will go away!

You will suddenly need to pee…a lot.  And just in case you think drinking less water will make a difference- it won’t- you’ll just feel like crap, your skin will be less glowy and more sallow and you will face one of the pregnancy horrors-constipation (yep not many people will mention that one to you), and that can lead to hemorrhoids, and UTI’s will often join the party to- just drink lots of water ok!


My feet gradually disappeared….

You will probably put on weight.  With my first two pregnancies I gleefully embraced the idea of ‘eating for two’, and quickly put on a wack of weight (some of which was water as I had pre eclampsia).  The third time around I was a bit more careful (mostly because it took me 5 years to lose my last lot of pregnancy weight), but you will still, inevitably put on weight just go with it, try to eat lots of fruit & vege, lots of fiber and healthy stuff, along with the oh so good junk.   You may also swell up.  My legs were like logs by the time I was full term with all 3 of my kids.  My face was round, my ankles were swollen, my toes were like little sausages (every part of me was round!)


Take my advice- don’t move while having blood taken- you end up a pin cushion!

You will get sick of the doctor’s office, peeing in a sample cup, and if you are anything like me, also get sick of having blood taken.  I had to have blood taken every doctors visit due to a little issue so I got very sick of having to have needles but on the upside I also kinda cured my phobia of needles (only kinda). The constant monitoring made me paranoid- what is going to go wrong, why the constant machines and tests?  Turns out that’s totally normal- get used to being a bit more aware of everything- your brain is switching to parenting mode.


So there you have it, the magical highs and lows of pregnancy- it’s rarely what it says on the box, and will absolutely throw some roadblocks your way, but it is still something I would do again and again!

What would you add to my review of pregnancy?  What do you wish you knew?

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