The busy season; 5 things I couldn’t do without

In my neck of the woods it’s bedlam.  My town explodes in a riot of absolutely exquisite flowers and greenery from late July- October and with it comes the hectic ag show and tourist season, plus the usual school, sports  and socialising. It’s a pretty exciting time of year but it’s also the when I have absolutely no spare time and need every daily life crutch I can get- here’s my 5 must haves in the whirlwind of school, dancing, footy, ag shows etc etc.

Rushing from one thing to another seems to be what I do these days!

1. Puffer vest

Cheap, versatile, warm and comfy, I bought mine from Millers on a whim because I loved the colour, but Betty Basics do a nice one, as do most shops- and bonus they are on sale because it’s coming into spring!! I’ll be getting a lot of wear out of mine even though the weather is slowly warming up because the mornings still have plenty of chill in them!

2.  A leak proof water bottle

I love my Tupperware 1L water bottles- they are BPA free, have handy leak proof flip tops and come in a range of sweet pastel colours. I find if I keep one with me during the day I drink more water and feel so much healthier!

3. My Baby Jogger City series prams

Any mother in a rush knows having a  pram that folds and unfolds in seconds is gold. Our City Mini I bought second hand when I had Max and has now officially been through 4 babies and even been in holidays to New Zealand, we’ve had the double version of this too and now also use the City Elite. I love Baby Jogger!


4.  My robotic vacuum cleaner

Affectionately named Robbie, for my birthday I was very lucky to receive a Roomba vacuum cleaner.  It is scheduled to clean the house once a day and I am loving it!  Prior to Robbie’s arrival if I managed to vacuum the house twice a week I considered myself a bit of a hero (when in reality it needed doing daily).  When life gets as frantic as it has been lately, cleaning is not at the top of my list so this is saving me precious energy!


5. My travel cup

Part of the reality of living out of town is that we spend lots of time in a car and that means I use travel cups all the time! I have so many in my cupboard, and my favorite is a ceramic one I was given for volunteering once upon a time, and another which it called a ‘keep cup’.  One of the coffee shops in town that I visit gives you a discount if you bring and use your own cup, so it comes in very handy!


When your world gets crazy what are the things you can’t go without?

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