Our Agricultural Show

Phew! The Ag show is over for another year! It was  fantastic day and lots of fun but gosh it’s hard work.  Someone asked me to describe how an event like our local Ag show actually comes about after commenting about how busy we were in the show office on show day-

“Wow, an event like this is a lot of work, you’ve been busy at the heart of the show ‘eh?!”


But it’s a bit more complex than that- any community organisation is like a well oiled machine -sometimes the wheels fall off, but generally everything is smooth going as long as you put the effort in to keep it that way.



I’m treasurer of our local show and every year while I am flat out with my jobs, I wonder how our secretary does what she does- she is definitely the engine driving the rest of us!  While the president is the steering wheel- guiding us on the road, and the people who put in the effort and enter their cakes, photos, vegies and jams are the fuel, there are so many others who work so darn hard to make our community event a success.  People who drive 5 hours plus to come and volunteer their time, people who look after their grandchildren or friends kids so that a Mum and Dad can spend their day checking off show entries or taking money at the gate, these people often miss out on the fun of the day because they are working to make it a great day for everyone else.


I guess this is a tribute to the many (and there are too many to name) who are all part of the vehicle that drives an event like our Mullewa Agricultural Show to the success it is.


 These people rarely get the recognition they deserve, they are generally faceless, in the background, doing what they can and I for one appreciate those people- so from me- THANK YOU.


On another note- our family had a ball at the show!  Hunter and Max worked so hard to get their entries done- Hunter entered his flowers and herbs that he was responsible for watering (he killed his basil plant from over watering!).


A tiny sample of the kid’s entries

 Both the boys won their sections and took home some prize money and a trophy, Hunter won 3 ribbons in the poultry section and both boys placed in the Junior Mullewa Gift (running race).


Max loved his turn on the Mullewa Junior Gift      Photo by Justine Rowe- Around the Traps Rural Photography


If you have an Ag Show near by- check it out!

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