Farm Wife Life; What nobody told me about living on a farm

Have you seen the recent spate of “what I wish I knew before having kids”, or “7 things you didn’t know about birth”- well here’s my rural orientated version- these are some of the things that I didn’t know I needed to know before I moved out of town to live ‘truly rural’.  If I could go back in time to 8 years ago, this is what I’d tell the younger, pregnant, intrepid me.

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Hair, Hair, Hair; 5 things I couldn’t do without (for people like me who are clueless)

Hair genius I am not- in fact I would be a complete failure as a hair stylist, but it is for exactly that reason that I figure I’m a pretty good person to tell you about what someone with no skill at styling hair uses in case like I did, you need some guidance.   Continue reading

Why Volunteering Makes the World Go ‘Round

In any community- big or small, urban or rural, the single best way to meet people and make meaningful connections is to volunteer.  By selflessly putting yourself out there, you are showing people who you are and volunteering says only good things about you.  It says you’re thoughtful, and care about something other than yourself, and if you volunteer- give you time for little in return- in my opinion you are someone I want to know.

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Farm Wife Life; All Creatures Great and Small

Life on the farm definitely has it’s ups and downs, but I’ve got to say spring is one of my favorite times of the year.  The flowers are blooming, wildlife is reemerging and everything is still green and full of life. The wildflowers are so magical  where we live, it’s a fantastic time to have a drive out if you are nearby!

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Mental Health Week; Beyond the Farm Gate

A few years ago I sat down with a beautiful friend who had just won the Western Australian Rural Ambassador award- in fact she had taken over from me, the first time in WA that the award had been won by two people from the same town in back to back years- quite an achievement.  We discussed what we could do with our newfound public profiles, our new networks and an ignited passion to ‘do something’ with the opportunity we had.  With Liz’s passion for mental health advocacy and her skills in health promotion, we decided to create a video, it would have two sides, it would educate people about our area and what farmers ‘do all year’ and it would draw attention to and give some support to men’s mental health because more men die by suicide than road accidents every year– a scary statistic.   Continue reading

Holidays on a Budget; a weekend in Geraldton

Spring in Geraldton is full of fun and community events.  There’s Midwest Artdrive, the Sunshine Festival- part of the Festivals on the Foreshore, school holiday activities at a variety of places, the Northampton Airing of the Quilts (need I go on)

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