Mental Health Week; Beyond the Farm Gate

A few years ago I sat down with a beautiful friend who had just won the Western Australian Rural Ambassador award- in fact she had taken over from me, the first time in WA that the award had been won by two people from the same town in back to back years- quite an achievement.  We discussed what we could do with our newfound public profiles, our new networks and an ignited passion to ‘do something’ with the opportunity we had.  With Liz’s passion for mental health advocacy and her skills in health promotion, we decided to create a video, it would have two sides, it would educate people about our area and what farmers ‘do all year’ and it would draw attention to and give some support to men’s mental health because more men die by suicide than road accidents every year– a scary statistic.  

Thanks to Chris from ABC Open, who not only gave us his never ending patience but supported us, taught us and tweaked this video to get it to the end product.  This is only part of our 2 year long project, but in mental health week I think it’s pretty important to share this with you.

Mental health is just as important as your physical health, doing things that keep you mentally healthy, or asking for help when you need it are so important.  Nobody needs to suffer in silence, if you need someone to talk to or know someone who does please call Lifeline on 13 11 14

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