Hair, Hair, Hair; 5 things I couldn’t do without (for people like me who are clueless)

Hair genius I am not- in fact I would be a complete failure as a hair stylist, but it is for exactly that reason that I figure I’m a pretty good person to tell you about what someone with no skill at styling hair uses in case like I did, you need some guidance.  

I’m a busy Mum living near what is one of the windiest places in the world (it feels like anyway) so my hair spends a great deal of it’s time in a ponytail. Having said that here are the 5 thing I use a lot


1. A good quality shampoo and conditioner

I use Juuce, which isn’t overly expensive but seems to do a really good job keeping my hair frizz free and smooth.  I used to use what ever looked fancy but was cheap at the supermarket, but when I told my hairdresser, the look on her face was priceless, so I swapped to a better quality one (I haven’t noticed a huge difference apart from less split ends, but I don’t colour my hair, which is apparently where the cheaper stuff really comes to hurt you).


2. Sectioning clips

I have thick hair and so when I dry my hair I need to do it in small lots.  I use a set of cheap sectioning clips I bought at a pharmacy to divide my hair into manageable sections, which make drying and straightening my hair faster & easier.

3. A Hair masque/ treatment

I generally go with whatever I find at the hairdressers that they recommend.  I’ve used Clear Scalp and Hair treatment and loved it in the past (you can get it at Coles) but currently use a pricier one from a hairdresser- I only wash my hair once a week in winter and twice in summer so I use this every fortnight and I’ve noticed a huge difference in my hair- it’s less frizzy, more healthy.

4. Heat defense spray

This is something I only just realised I should be using in the last year and suddenly my hair is less frizzy and damaged (yes I’m slow on the uptake!).  I use a Juuce spray with argan oil in it, it’s a good thing to have- less split ends!!!

5.  My GHD V Hair straightener

I’ve left the most expensive until last.  I used to use a cheap and nasty Sunbeam straightener (see I told you I wasn’t good with hair)  but it just did a terrible job on my hair and only lasted for a year, so I really splurged and bought a GHD, which is brilliant.  I have fairly fine hair, but lots of it, and have found the GHD does a really good job that lasts and straightens quickly. It is already a over a year old and I’ve had no problems with it- it’s going strong and I’d recommend a GHD to anyone.

Bonus item- A fantastic hairdresser or salon

I am lucky that I’ve had a few really great hair dressers in my adult life.  I have a good relationship with the lady I currently see, and because she is a friend I don’t mind emailing her with a hairstyle I want to try, and I trust her to tell me if something isn’t going to work.  I don’t get my hair cut as often as I should, but I do pop in to get a blowdry fairly regularly, so she can tell me if I need a trim.  Having someone you like and trust is brilliant and handy!


What’s the one thing you can’t do without when it comes to your hair? Are you a hair genius and want to share your wisdom with me please do! (I need all the help I can get)


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