6 under $100; A Summer Dress online shopping expedition

I love dresses, adore them, though I don’t wear them as often as I would like to because I can’t be bothered to shave my legs- oh dear.  I probably have half my wardrobe taken up by frocks of different sizes, styles, colours and cuts and much to my husbands dismay, I am always on the lookout for another one to add to my collection.  So here are the dresses I either have in my closet already- and love- or are on my wishlist for the holiday/ end of year/ party season.   Continue reading

6 Gift Ideas for Teachers (and childcare educators, bus drivers, baby sitters, teacher assistants etc)

And with a bang Christmas season is here.  Our tree is up (our rule is once it’s past Charlie’s birthday is open season on festivities), our presents are being bought and hidden away, and it’s time to start thinking of what we are going to get or make for the people who keep our kids alive/ educated/ put up with them during the day.  Lets face it for me these are the people that make my life that much easier- they care for and love my children, they look after them when I can’t and they are teaching them and putting energy into them almost every day- I know I appreciate the people that spend so much time with my kids and so I really want to show them that by getting them a nice gift, here are some ideas that aren’t a new coffee mug or a box of chocolates;

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3 things to do to get ready for Christmas

Hey you guys, Christmas is coming really soon! I know I’m not prepared (either financially or emotionally) and so I’m starting to write lists of what I need to do to make sure everything goes smoothly for the festive season, and I’m not running around like a chicken with my head cut off, which lets face it, is my default setting.  If like me you are a little bit under prepared, here is 3 things to make your life a little easier as Christmas nears

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Post everything blues- when life comes crashing down

We’ve all heard of getting baby blues (the crying jag that hits like a freight train on about day 3 after having a baby- oh the joys), and the post holiday blues, but I recently returned home- in fact I didn’t even get onto my plane, and was walloped by some post conference blues.  While I knew it was inevitable that I would be going home to ‘normal life’ after a truly breathtaking experience at the Young Rural Women’s Muster (thanks to the National Rural Women’s Coalition), I really didn’t expect to struggle as much as I did.  So I thought I’d share 1) how to deal, and 2) that everyone feels like this sometimes and that’s ok

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The Young Rural Women’s Muster- what a journey!

Here I am, sitting in the airport at 3pm on Wednesday 9th November 2016, having finished the face to face part of my journey with the Young Rural Women’s Muster, hosted by the National Rural Women’s Network- a peak advisory body with a mission to empower and enhance the lives and capabilities of women in regional, rural and remote Australia.  I sit here utterly exhausted, yet absolutely empowered and invigorated.  I have been shown the power and potential I have always held within myself yet never recognized Continue reading

It’s ok to be different!

I am currently sitting in my hotel bed, it is 4.30am in Western Australia and 7.30am in Canberra where I am right now.  I have been so lucky to be selected to attend the Young Rural Women’s Muster, hosted by the National Rural Women’s Coalition in Canberra for 3 days.  It’s is an intensive leadership opportunity designed to bring together young women from rural, regional and remote Australia and give us some of the necessary skills to become leaders in our own communities.
While we are on the cusp of day 2 (a visit to Parliament House to meet some of the inspiring women in power in government) I thought I would share my (learning and physical) journey so far.   Continue reading

Farm Wife Life; Harvest

It’s harvest time!  One of the busiest times of the year, where everything seems to kick into a higher gear and everything is a bit more stressful.  It’s the time of year where all the hard work and long days pays off- the paddock that had lime sand applied, the crop that was seeded in autumn (May/ June in WA), then sprayed and possibly fertilized, is finally ready to be taken off and moved out by truck, train or boat, to feed someone somewhere else in the world.   Continue reading