Farm Wife Life; Harvest

It’s harvest time!  One of the busiest times of the year, where everything seems to kick into a higher gear and everything is a bit more stressful.  It’s the time of year where all the hard work and long days pays off- the paddock that had lime sand applied, the crop that was seeded in autumn (May/ June in WA), then sprayed and possibly fertilized, is finally ready to be taken off and moved out by truck, train or boat, to feed someone somewhere else in the world.  


For those that don’t know,  this is the season that a harvester -we use a combine harvester-  also called a header (because it takes the head off the plant), removes the seed from the crop by cutting it off and thrashes it to remove the grain.  The grain is then put into a chaser bin while the header moves through the paddock, or straight into a field bin, then into a truck and is taken to a grain processing plant or put into storage (silos). The quality of the grain (protein, oil content, variety etc) defines its end destination, but it’s pretty mind boggling to think that each Western Australian farmer feed about 100 people per day!


I love sitting in the header with the kids and watching the grain tank fill up and the chaser bin come and go.  The boys are old enough that they can sit on their Dad’s lap and press the odd button or two (these days that’s pretty much all it takes to lift the comb and turn around at the end of a run.

We have a tradition of taking a family photo every year- some of the pictures are pretty bad, but it’s nice to watch the kids grow!


Here is a very short and sweet video I put together with some footage from the last 7 days (plus our family photos from the last few years)- I love to watch the grain tank fill and empty, and the reel turn as the harvester moves through the paddock!  Thanks to my husband for setting up his GoPro to get a few movies for me!

If you ever want to have a ride in a harvester, by all means come out and say hello- the guys seem to always be giving tourists who stop at the paddocks on the side of the main road a quick run in the machines- it’s a pretty amazing sight to see, and a lot of fun!

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