Fun Family Christmas Traditions

Christmas is my favorite holiday- probably because I have such fond memories of the traditions that my parents kept alive for our family, and the ones we have now adopted for our kids.  Here are some of our favorites that are pretty easy to do and the kids love.

Decorating the Christmas Tree

We have a great time as a family decorating our tree each year.  The kids hang their favorite decorations and take turns putting the star on top of the tree each year.  This year we filmed a time lapse of decorating the tree together- it was a lot of fun!

Buying a new decoration

Every year each member of the family chooses a new decoration for the tree, it’s something I remember doing as a kid and wanted to carry on with my family.  We always go, all together and make a big deal of choosing something for our tree.  It doesn’t seem like a huge deal but the boys already talk about which year they bought their decorations, and ‘this was mine when I was a baby’ or ‘I chose this one last year’


A Welcome to Christmas box or bag

Even if it’s just a new Christmas book, it’s a great way to start the holiday season, and let the kids know that Christmas is coming.  This year I put together a Christmas book, dvd, craft item and t-shirt for the boys that they received on the 1st of December.

Making Christmas cookies

Lets face it, it’s messy and sticky but a lot of fun.  Gingerbread is really easy and fast to make, I use a recipe by Thermobliss that you can find here,  we make gingerbread cookies with a few different cookie cutters and decorate them with store bought icing tubes and some little bits and pieces like Christmas M & Ms and sprinkles.  The kids have a ball and these also make a great gift for friends and family.


Do you have any fun family traditions over Christmas?

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