6 under $25; Christmas gifts for young boys

Well this is something that I’d like to think I know a lot about, especially since I have 2 young boys between the ages of 5-10 years, but this year I have really struggled to think of nice gifts that they will actually enjoy and use, that fit a realistic budget.  I figure if I’m struggling then there are plenty of other people out there scratching their heads too, so I’ve done some research and here’s some gift ideas for you.

1. Quixels from most department stores or toy shops

These come in a range of different sizes and kits so will suit almost any price range and I’ve found them everywhere from Coles to our local toy shop.  They can be a little messy if the kits gets dropped so I get the boys to make theirs on a tray, which also helps if they need to move their toys out of the way fast.  These are great for creativity and fine motor skills.  You use them by following a pattern and placing the ‘beads’ on a template, and they stick together to become 3D shapes when you spray them with water.

2. Lego kit from any good toy shop or department store from $9-300

This is a pretty safe gift to give, as most kids love a bit of Lego!  Again you can find this anywhere and they come in small packs to massive kits.  Junior Lego is great for younger kids as they have more simplistic instructions, while a more convoluted design (think Star Wars kits) are better for older kids.


3. Cricket set from Target for $15.00

You have a lot of price and quality options when it comes to a cricket set- from cheap ones like the one below, to really heavy duty sets from a sports store.  This is a great gift to get kids outside, though watch out; a window will probably meet its end from a cricket ball at some stage!


4. Totem tennis set from Big W for $12.00

I like to try and give my boys at least one thing that’s not a toy and this is one thing they received last year that they absolutely loved and have used over and over all year.  This helps kids develop hand eye coordination and gets kids up and off their butts which is always a plus.


5. Remote Control Flying Robot from Kmart for $20.00

This robot flies with a remote control and has light up LED’s and can fly for up to 7 minutes.  It looks perfect for terrorizing sisters and parent alike and therefore is a guaranteed hit.  This toy is suited to kids who have a bit more hand/ eye coordination- probably 7 years +


6. Binoculars from Kmart for $15.00

My son loves binoculars he has a few sets and still put them on his letter to Santa.  These are by far the best price for magnification I have found.  They are a 7 x 50 magnification, have a central focus wheel, soft eye cups and comes with lens caps and a carry bag.


So that’s a few ideas for any last minute gifts- I’ve picked up a few of these as presents for my big boys and I think they will be a hit!

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