A Christmas Tradition; Christmas Box

There are 2 types of people in this world- some who love Christmas, and some who hate it.  The former put their tree up well in advance and love to plan the bits and pieces they will do around the holiday season- I fall into this group, and I love the little traditions we have in the lead up to Christmas.  A relatively new one is to give the kids a Christmas bag or box, full of festive goodies


This year we gave their Christmas box them early, but lots of families do these on the first day of the school holidays or before they have photos with Santa, before they leave on a trip, or even Christmas Eve.  I wrote a little bit about this in my post Fun Family Christmas Traditions but I thought I’d tell you a little bit more about it; here’s what’s in my kids box;

1. A new shirt

I get the kids a cheap-ish Christmas themed shirt each year.  It is a fun this for them to wear to the different end of year parties that we will be heading to, and they love them.  This year I bought them at “Best and Less”, they have a pretty good range under $15.  If you aren’t into the themed shirt, a nice dressier top for each of your kids works well- lets face it, they are going to need something clean and presentable for family photos, Christmas parties, wind-ups and Christmas day.

2 out of 3 in their Christmas shirt for the family fun day is a win!

2. Some craft items

Stickers, paint, glitter, glue and pom-poms are my go to crafty items.  This year I’ve taken an idea from Bizzy Dayz who does a cute canvas craft with her kids each year- I’m borrowing the idea and we will be doing the same this year- hopefully they look half as cute as Liz’s do.  Each year Phill does something crafty with the boys, so I’ve stocked up on sequins and some pipe cleaners etc- they always come in handy! I also chucked in a little calico stoking for them to colour in, it’s a bit junky and isn’t something that is likely to get treasured in the years to come, but it will keep the kids occupied for a little while so that’s a win!

3. Christmas themed necklace/ hat/ bow

Last year Hunter & Max  got a new santa hat each, so this year they received light up necklaces.  Lets face it, most of these types of things only last the season, but some (like the boys hats) can be stored and brought out next year!  For girls earrings or a cute hair bow is always cute.



4. A book

You can never have enough books in your house!  I store our festive books each year and then bring them out and put them in a basket for the kids to read when ever they want.  This year the books are up high as we have a tiny cyclone (Charlie) in the house.

5. A DVD

This doesn’t necessarily have to be Christmas themed- it doesn’t even have to be new- it’s just an invitation to watch a movie as a family and relax together.  Make some popcorn, and have a family night in front of the television.


Some other ideas for these boxes are; lollies or microwave popcorn, a pack of Christmas cards for them to write and give out, stickers or stamps, a notebook or travel diary or even some money for them to donate to the charity of their choice (or use to by a donation of some food or a gift)


The whole point of these boxes is to bring a bit of Christmas cheer to the house and give the kids a sign that the holiday season is here.  You don’t have to buy anything new if you don’t want to, just grab whatever red and green craft items you have, a dvd or two, and anything else Christmas themed you think they might like to play with.  You could even just reuse the same things each year (hats, bows, stamps, DVD’s and books), it’s not about spoiling your kids or breaking the bank, it’s just a little bit of fun!


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