Dear Grandma,

Last Sunday we arrived at you house, though you are not here, this is still your home.

We took the kids to see you in the nursing home, and though it was bright, clean, it’s not where I see you when I remember the adventures I had with you.

I sat at your dining room table, remembering all the family dinners we had, crammed in the tiny room, that seemed so much bigger when I was a child.

Your house is full of Pokemon again, I still remember the Christmas we had at your house (one of so many) that was a chaos of cousins running around with tiny figurines, myself included- that was so many years ago, now it’s my children running around with tiny figurines and multi coloured plastic balls.

The boys helped us sweep your driveway yesterday.  It reminds need me of grandpa, doing the same thing, every morning I would wake up to hear his broom on the front drive.

  Thank you for all the outings you took us on, the zoo, Scitec, feeding ducks and watching the turtles at the park.  I look back with such fond memories of those walks and I can’t believe you had the energy to keep up with us!


We took the kids to the same park you would walk us to, it’s changed more than I expected- but the turtles were still there.


Your house is still the same as I remember, though a little less full now that you are not living here.

  Your great grandchildren fill it with noise and energy every time we come down to stay, and I love sharing my memories with them

All my love,


One thought on “Dear Grandma,

  1. says:

    Wow Pip, that is beautiful and made your dad and I cry as we also remember you and Sam as youngsters running around with grandma and grandpa. So beautifully written it bought back vivid images. Thank you. Mum

    Barbara Glenister



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