I’m not buying into the hate

About 6 months ago I saw an alarming trend start to grow around me, it seemed to be that a minority voice had spread and I was seeing and hearing constant hate and nastiness about the people that are different to the ‘average’ white, christian (but not too much), supposedly law abiding people in the western world.  I was first sad, then alarmed, and I bit my tongue both online and face to face with people, but I’ve decided, enough is enough, here is my message to anyone that wants to be nasty or negative, hateful or discriminatory around me.

I don’t judge you on what you believe in, I don’t care about the colour of your skin, what you wear or what you eat, I judge you by how you treat other people.  


I’ve stopped turning on the radio or watching the news, because I am so sick of hearing about the newest awful thing some politician whether here or abroad, has done, whether it be taking away a woman’s rights to make a choice about her own body, spout blatant racism or plain idiocy (because sometimes that’s what it is), or just buy into the trend of uninformed hatred.

Front Paddock

 I am sick about hearing how people I am friends with (or was) on Facebook think that what a woman chooses to wear is downright wrong or a religion is just plain bad, that’s not what I want to read about or hear.

I want to hear about the beautiful people who live down the road from you and helped when you needed it, the simple smile you shared with someone who is from a different culture, or the nice deed someone did for you.

Hear me when I say, the world turns with love, changing the world for the good starts with the littlest kindness you show to someone else, not with negativity and nastiness.


All you need is love people, all you need is love.

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