My Valentines Day Wishlist; a ‘gift’ guide

Valentines Day is on it a way, and I’ve got to be honest I’ve never really placed any importance on it.  It’s not some extravagant gift that wins my heart- it’s the small things that make up everyday life.  Regardless, there are probably a few partners looking for a last minute gift so I thought I’d give you a few ideas….

1. A night of not cooking

Now my husband would argue I get this gift a bit, but I should probably clarify- by not cooking I mean, not planning, shopping for, preparing, cleaning up, washing up from or contributing in any way (apart from eating).   A real night off would be fantastic, you don’t need to make a cullinary delight- steak and salad, pizzas, mice and spagetti- anything edible will be fine, as long as you figure everything out yourself and I mean everything


If it looks this good you get extra brownie points!

2. A guilt free night out

“Sweety I’ve organised a babysitter and we are going out tomorrow night, no don’t worry about what the kids will eat, or making reservations for tea/ what movie we will see- I’ve organised that too.”

I know this gift follows a similar theme from the last, but the thing is, the planning of all those tiny little details- what will the family have for tea, are the kids sport uniforms ready for tomorrow etc, take up a lot of energy.  To be given a break, even just for the night is a really special gift (or it is from my point of view anyway!)


If champagne is included that’s even better

3. A ‘honey do’ job done without being reminded

You know that list, the one that your partner recites on a regular basis? Maybe it’s mow the lawn, or fix the door handle, organise the office- what ever it may be, pick something and do it, without fanfare or being reminded.  Most of us don’t like to remind you over and over again, any more than you like it, so just doing something without mentioning it, or making a big deal of it would probably be really appreciated!


 There are the standard options of a massage, jewelry, or present that she’s been hinting at, and I am sure they would be just as appreciated, but hopefully this little list has given you some food for thought!

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