Fast and Easy snacks for kids

It is a fact universally acknowledged that a child who can talk is always either hungry or bored… well maybe not always, but it seems to be a common theme for my kids.  So to beat the hangry mood swings I’ve got a list of a few snacks my kids love.

Fruit skewers and yogurt

Yes I know giving a child a sharp pointy anything can be a recipe for disaster, so this one is probably best supervised, but the novelty of having something on a stick makes everything taste better.  I simply chop up what ever seasonal fruit I have in the fridge and (depending on how pressed for time I am) , I ask the kids to help me put the fruit on the sticks, or do it myself, and accompany it with a little bowl of Greek yogurt.  Ta-da



I’m pretty sure this is a well-known one, but it is really, really good for hungry bellies.  The kids can watch the kernels pop in the pan or popcorn maker, and then either whack it into a big bowl, or dole out individual cups (this prevents the he had more than me drama).


I mentioned these to a friends kid and they had never heard of them- I was gobsmacked!  Cheesies (to me) are a piece of bread or half a roll, with some topping like sauce or sliced tomato, covered in cheese that is then melted.  They are what I survived on as a young adult living alone, and I have recently introduced them to my kids. Our favorites are vegemite or tomato sauce, yum

Vegemite scrolls

Some amazing parents make proper scroll pastry, but I’m generally going for quick and simple and so I use puff pastry instead.  Simply spread vegemite (or pasta sauce, or jam, or nutella) and maybe some cheese for the savory versions, then roll, slice with a sharp knife in 1cm widths, and lie flat on a baking tray.  You simply bake them for about 10 minutes or until the pastry looks puffy and light brown.

Fruit smoothies

Place fruit, milk, yogurt and maybe some ice in a blender and mix for about 2 minutes (which makes it extra creamy).  I generally use what ever fruit I have that’s starting to turn, or frozen berries if I’m desperate. These seem to always be a hit, the kids love the fanfare of a tall glass and a straw.


A hit with Mum’s on the move as well!


So what do you feed your kids when they are hungry?

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