a M.A.D evening of Lino Printing

I know countless numbers of people are wondering just what happens when you combine a handful of people, some ink and sharp tools of a lazy Sunday afternoon, so I though I’d spare you a trip to Mullewa and give you a peep.

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Pokemon Birthday Party- Part 2

If you have already read our part 1 of this post (find it here), you would know that Hunter had a ball at his first ever themed party, and I went a little crazy with it all.  Here are some tips and ideas on party food, birthday cake and how I made my budget friendly thank you gifts. Continue reading

A day in the life- Swimming Carnival

Something that I have long toyed with is filming videos about our life on the farm, and while I’ve made a few, I’ve never had the confidence to put one online for friends, family and strangers to watch, but I’ve finally bitten the bullet and made a day-in-the-life video.  Continue reading

Pokemon Birthday Party- Part 1

Hunter has just turned 7, and he had his first ever individual party (the boys have birthdays 2.5 weeks apart so normally we combine their parties).  This year we decided to start giving a party on alternate years and Hunter was up first.  He requested a pokemon themed party as that is what he loves at the moment, and I thought I’d share, not only how it went, but what I did to stay on theme in the hopes that some other poor mother out there can use this to make their lives easier when they try to do the same thing!

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A drama free dentist visit

There are plenty of adults that dread going to the dentist- myself included.  I’m not sure what it is that started my dentist anxiety (maybe how much it costs!?), but I know I don’t want my kids to feel the same.  We have been taking the boys to the dentist for a few years- ever since H (at the tender age of 3) broke his front tooth and had to have it removed.  I quickly realized that having a stress free dentist visit would come largely down to what I did and how I acted- these are a few of the things I did to help the boys feel comfortable at the dentist.   Continue reading