Pokemon Birthday Party- Part 2

If you have already read our part 1 of this post (find it here), you would know that Hunter had a ball at his first ever themed party, and I went a little crazy with it all.  Here are some tips and ideas on party food, birthday cake and how I made my budget friendly thank you gifts.

I still have some leftovers of cupcakes and decorated cookies in my fridge from the party, because party food is always fun to both make and eat, so I really went to town with it!  Here’s what I made-


Pokeball Pizza 

I saw these on Pinterest and loved the idea of them.  They are very easy and flexible- you can make your own pizza bases, use bread, rolls or a pre-made base.  I cut out circles from a pre-made base and covered them in tomato sauce.  I had planned to put half salami and half  cheese, but the salami I bought was too spicy so we ended up with half cheese, half sauce, but the kids still liked them!  I put a sliced black olive in the middle to make them look like a pokeball- success!


Jigglypuff Jelly

This was super easy.  I simply made jelly in clean baby food jars in different layers (though that’s a more complicated option and not really necessary). This is a ‘choose your difficulty’ food- you can make it as fancy and complicated as you want; add lollies to the jelly, cream on top, layer different jellies or just make plain jelly.


Pokemon cupcakes

What’s a party without cupcakes!? I made my own cupcake toppers by printing and cutting out pokemon pictures from this blog, and then cut them out with a circle scrapbooking cutter, and larger plain circles from card.  Then it was as simple as sticking them together with glue and a short skewer between the card circles.  The actual cupcakes I whipped up with a simple recipe in my thermomix, ditto for the buttercream icing (which I made blue).


Oreo Pokeballs

These were by far the most complicated food I made!  I saw so many people make these I figured they must be easy (wrong).  I grabbed a packet of oreo biscuits, melted some white chocolate, shoved a skewer between the biscuit halves and  the biscuit promptly fell apart.  This went on for longer than I care to tell, then I gave up and made a total mess and painted/ dipped them in the white choc, sprinkled red non-apparels (100s & 1000’s), (because my red melting choc didn’t melt and instead formed a congealed, grainy mess), drew a black icing line and put a white candy circle in the middle, chucked them on a plate and threw up my hands.  Hunter loved them and they looked better than I thought they would when I had finished, so it wasn’t too bad, but I don’t think I’ll repeat the process again!


as for the rest of the food, the kids had chips, cordial, marshmallow slice, strawberry skewers, decorated biscuits, frankfurt sausages and party pies and mini sausage rolls


For Hunter’s birthday cake I took an easy option and made a pokeball cake- it is simply a round cake, with a crumb layer of buttercream, and then red, white and black fondant icing.  It looked fantastic and Hunter loved it so that’s all that mattered!


 Another easy option in a Pokemon theme is to make a rectangular cake and make a Pokemon battle, or gym with figurines, or simply stack 2 cakes (round or square), cover with any icing and place Ash and a few pokemon on top.

Thank you gifts

The thank you gifts were pretty simple- some foam bouncy pokeballs, lollies, and some stickers .  I made the thank you bag toppers in Microsoft word with the Pokemon font generator and a few pictures.



All, in all it was a pretty successful party (though I couldn’t have done it without my friends who showed up and helped corral the kids and clean up).

Hope this helps if you are throwing your child a Pokemon party (or any party for that matter!)





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