a M.A.D evening of Lino Printing

I know countless numbers of people are wondering just what happens when you combine a handful of people, some ink and sharp tools of a lazy Sunday afternoon, so I though I’d spare you a trip to Mullewa and give you a peep.

On Sunday afternoon, Mullewa Arts Development Group- aptly named MAD for short- hosted a lino print making workshop for those that wanted a social and relaxed afternoon learning something fun.  It’s pretty amazing to think that this sleepy little town is really a hotbed of creative and crafty sorts, who seem more than happy to share their skills with those of us that want to learn.  So far I’ve learnt how to make jewelry and knick-knacks with polymer clay, made etchings complete with acid and toxic paint, learnt to weave baskets and create a fascinator for the races.

Here’s what I learnt to do on Sunday afternoon;


If you are close by Mullewa and the Midwest, it’s worth checking out what M.A.D gets up to and if you can- join in!

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