Easter Craft for Kids

It’s Easter!  Which means not only is it my blog-aversary it’s also the time of year the chocolate is everywhere and I have yet another excuse to do some craft with the kids!  

We love to get a little bit messy, and the boys  love craft time, but I have to admit, I probably don’t do enough of it, and the majority of it is definitely not pinterest worthy! Here are the crafts we like to do at Easter time;

Easter Egg collages

These don’t take much pre planning- I printed out some egg shapes on blank paper, pulled out whatever crafty things we had in the draw that needed using up (foil, tissue paper, sequins, textas and you could use paint), and the kids went to town!  Once everything is dry I simply cut them out. The thinking is, that when we get enough we can make some Easter bunting…. we’ll see.




Playdough shapes

This one is a little more work than most of the other ideas- you need to make some playdough, get the kids to roll it out onto baking paper, cut it into shapes with biscuit cutters and remove the excess dough, then bake in a med/ low oven until firm.  My favorite playdough recipe is here


Potato Print Eggs

Just grab paint, paper and some potatoes sliced in half with patterns carved into their flat sides, and let the kids go crazy!  I suggested to the boys that we could cut out some basket shapes and make an egg basket picture, so that is another option- simply grab some paper, cut a semi circle and a tall arch shape, then glue on top of a cluster of potato print eggs! These also make a great decoration for home made wrapping paper- paint on butchers paper or newsprint, ta-da!


Cookie cutter painting

This is the cousin of the potato shape eggs and needs pretty much the same things- just replace the potatoes with cookie cutter shapes!  We used an oval shape, a few rabbit shapes and some flowers, and butterflies.  The kids could create a picture or just make some pretty colored shapes (or in Charlie’s case a multi colored mess)- this was halfway through Max’s creation- it didn’t turn out anything like this in the end- think paint and chaos in one piece of paper!


What is your favorite Easter craft? I used to love dying Easter eggs but find that I have absolutely no patience for blowing eggs to get the empty shells to dye (maybe next year….)

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