Easy Easter Activities

Easter, Easter, Easter!  I love an excuse to eat chocolate and spend time with the family, and with it coinciding with school holidays (and my husband on night shift) we’ve been doing a heap of craft and fun activities to keep the kids occupied.  I find there are so many things you can do with Easter- from baking to painting and everything in between- these activities are more or less based on things I already had at home, so hopefully it won’t be too hard to have some fun with your kids!

Make an egg basket

These are pretty easy to make- and if you have kids over 5 they can make then with very little supervision.  Grab an egg carton and cut the lid off, and then the dimpled section into either halves or thirds- this is your basket base.  Decorate it with markers, glitter, stickers &/or paint (what ever you have on hand). Cut out a long strip of card to make a handle and decorate this also, then staple onto the base.


These are fantastic egg hunting accessories, or gift baskets- you could fill them with cupcakes, eggs or bliss balls- then wrap in cellophane.

Decorate egg biscuits

Grab some oval shaped biscuits (I use milk arrowroot) and whip up some icing, then go to town with any sprinkles or lollies you have in your pantry.  It’s a treat for the kids, and morning tea all rolled into one- nothing like a two for one deal!


Sorry for the awful picture- Hunter took this on his camera and the settings were wrong!

Baby Chick Fingerprints

These are adorable and make gorgeous cards or gift tags for Easter if you are so inclined.  You simply need paint, card, some small fingers and a fine tipped black marker.  Dip a fingertip in paint and place the pad of the finger onto some card however many times you wish.  Once dry embellish with a beak, wings and legs or if you really want to be creative, bunny ears and face


Tip- keep some damp sponges on hand so the kids can wipe their fingers off straight away to avoid paint going everywhere.


Hopefully these have given you some ideas on what you can do for some Easter fun!

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