Farm Wife Life; Seeding is here again

I swear it gets earlier every year. this is the time of year that is the most stressful for our family- seeding (some call it planting) is here once again.  This is when the big decisions that could affect the success of the whole farm get made- what variety of what grain will go in which paddock, and when.  Start too early and you might find your seed germinates and dies in the autumn heat, start too late and the crop might not get the rain when it most needs it, or might not grow enough before the weather warms up yet again.

  Plus you want it to rain- but not too much, and definitely not too little, and generally not right now, but in another 2 weeks would be great, and once it starts it is not allowed to stop until September.  Yep, it’s a fine balancing act and everyone gets pretty wound up and grumpy around about now.  Not to mention, in our house my husband runs the night shift, and therefore is asleep during the day, which in turn means trying to keep 3 children quiet and contained to one end of the house- an impossible task.

Here’s a quick snapshot of what goes on in the early hours of the morning (from last year)


It’s pretty amazing to watch the seeder bar go down into the ground.  When you listen to the unedited footage, you can actually hear the seed going down the tubes and into the soil!

I’ll be doing a second installment of this year’s seeding once we’ve settled into the routine, it;s only early days in the program and we still haven’t had a chance to ride in the tractor yet- which is a must do!

Do you have any questions about seeding, or farming in general!  Let me know- I’m always keen to share some farming love!

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