It’s National Volunteer week!

This week is the week we all get the chance to recognise the volunteers that make where we live a better place!  Volunteering is something that absolutely everyone can do, it doesn’t have to be a big thing, in fact often the little things can make the biggest difference!


I have spoken about how important volunteering is to me in the past (Why Volunteering Makes the World Go ‘Round), and in a small town like ours, it really does make a difference!  I don’t know of many people around me that don’t make an effort to do something for something other than themselves- from the Mum offering to wash the football jerseys, to the Dad helping at the school busy bee- I am so lucky to know so many selfless people!


Volunteering is something that is absolutely crucial to our national economy, and our social ecology- not only do volunteers do what they do without expectation of compensation (this is what makes them a volunteer!) but I truly believe people that volunteer are generally better people for it, and are actively making the world around them a better place to live, work and play.  img_3261

Even the smallest act of giving your time and energy can have a massive difference- the elderly people that have visitor to read or chat to them, the community event that is carried on the back of a small committee of volunteers, the charity that feeds the homeless….. the list goes on.


So I am going to take the opportunity to thank the people around me for making the effort to volunteer- thank you Mum and Dad for being on the cycling club committee (Secretary and President), and putting so much time and effort into the club, so that other people can enjoy a sport you both love.  Thank you to the parents that help out at our schools sports days, excursions, special events and even in the classrooms- you rock. That you to the people who help (or organise) the Mullewa Muster and Rodeo and the Agricultural show each year- those events are so important to our town, and you are helping make our community stronger and more prosperous with every minute you contribute, thank you to all the people who give their time- without you where we live would be a poorer place.

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