This is home; why I love where I live

It feels like an awfully long time ago that we moved to Mullewa, it was harvest, I was pregnant and we lived in an old, run down farm house 32km on the East side of town.  It was hot, dry, and so beautiful I fell in love.  Apart from moving to a different farm (this time closer to the coast, yay!), and now having 3 kids not much has changed.  I still love the country we live in- the red loam soil, the way it takes only the slightest rain for everything to turn green and pretty, and the community we live amongst is still as strong and vibrant as ever.  

One of the most precious things to me, living where we do, is definitely the strength of community around us. I’ve seen it time and time again, when someone is in need, or even when the local agricultural show is on, almost everybody pitches in and lends a hand.  Our school holds busy bees, where parents and friends can lend a hand to keep maintenance costs low by doing some of the little jobs around the school.  There is something so uplifting and tangible about the sense of community around here, I find it hard to describe, but one thing’s for sure- it’s beautiful.

Another thing I love about Mullewa? Its’ wild places.  We are on the doorstep to the Murchison and station country, which means an easy drive to an untamed, rough and raw landscape.  Not to mention there are gorgeous nature reserves dotted around closer to town, that are always offering up little adventures and fun places to explore.

Then there are is the wildlife, the bugs aren’t always fun, though the rain moths are pretty amazing, but the kangaroos, emu’s, lizards and eagles are in constant supply, and you never know what you will get the chance to see when you venture out your door.

Then there are the unique opportunities we have.  I know it often seems like rural and regional people are disadvantaged, and while that is more true than I like, there are some experiences that no city dweller would ever get.  Things like holding a new born lamb left behind in a paddock, it’s short, course fleece is rough, and yet so soft on your hands, it’s legs are like awkward limbs of a tree- sticking out all over the place, but the racket it makes- oh boy! Then there’s hitching a ride on a massive piece of farm machinery, a header or tractor, bouncing up and down a paddock, and listening to the latest weather woes (too much rain, not enough, it’s always one!)


On a more professional front, there are plenty of initiatives geared towards rural and regional people- I attended a conference targeted to young women living away from the hustle and bustle of cities, and there are actually quite a few pretty amazing opportunities like it, if you get out and look for them.


Photo by Rory Hart

There is definitely something precious about living in a small town like ours, every morning (as long as the power is on) I wake up knowing I’m lucky to live where I do.

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