News Flash; Parenting is hard!

I know, it’s totally new information, you didn’t know this before you read it right here, but I’m here to tell you- parenting is really, really, super-duper tough work.  You never know if what you are doing is right, are you too strict, too relaxed, to shouty or too quiet?   Am I screwing my kids up beyond repair!?  

I know a while ago I wrote about how one of our kids was struggling at school.  I’m happy to say that a new year and a new teacher has seen a change in how (education wise) things are going, thank goodness.  But when we were going through that really, horrible, no good, very bad year I started looking into the possibility of there being something more wrong, than just normal kids behaviour.  I asked (and asked and asked) for some help, and we are now of track to getting things sorted- which is a huge relief, but there was a patch there where I felt like a massive failure as a parent.



I think one of the big things about parenting that makes it so hard (for me) is that there is so much conflicting advice out there, not to mention that kids are their own little personalities, each one is different and responds to different enticements or consequences, and sometimes it takes an awful lot of trial and error before you figure out what works for which kids and when.


Butter wouldn’t melt….You wouldn’t think these kids take an hour to go to sleep every night! Grrr

I guess the point of me writing this is to say that if you are going through a parenting rough patch like I am, that you are not alone.  It is way to easy to feel like your kids are the naughtiest, or most difficult.  I know I often look around me and think, what am I doing so wrong, that my kids are acting like this?! And then I go to dancing and see a child chucking a tantrum in the carpark, and I realise that I’m most definitely not the only one that’s dealing with these issues, and maybe my kids are at least semi normal (I hope anyway)



So if your toddler is driving you bonkers, or your teenager makes you want to scream, I hope you know there are plenty of parents out there feeling the same, you are definitely not the only one just doing the best you can!

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