But what do you do all day?!

I was asked the other day (and I still can’t believe it) what I “actually get up to everyday”.  I was in complete shock and couldn’t think of an eloquent response to put the person back in their box (I had to be polite- they are someone I see regularly). So I guess here is my response, where I know they won’t see it, but here it is anyway!

I am a stay at home Mum.  I raise my children at home.  That is my ‘job’ and also my privilege.  In addition to keeping my 18 month old, 6 & 7 year olds alive (when the big kids aren’t at school), I cook all the meals in my house, I do the vast majority of the cleaning and washing (poorly).



Apart from the day to day ‘Mum jobs’ (I challenge the premise that it is only a woman’s work, but that’s for another post). I am also I’m part of a vast array of not for profit and community groups and committees (8 to be precise) ranging from arts, events, to Rural Women’s groups.  I am a treasurer and do a lot of sitting at my computer figuring out spreadsheets so I can pretend I understand them (if anyone from the Ag society is reading this I’m totally kidding… really…).


Image by Chris Lewis ABC Open

I certainly seem to attend way too many meetings for what I achieve, but oh well!


Photo by Kylie Rowe

I write, on here and for another social media group, I manage a junior football team, I help my friends, I attend and enjoy workshops and tutorials, sometimes I feel like I do all the things.


Photo by Meredith Turnbull


So what do I do all day?  I generally spend half of it taking care of my children, and the other half doing volunteer work, or taking part in community projects, I am making a difference in the world around me, and that is enough for me!
Have you ever been asked a question like that? If not what would you say in my place?

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