Life Lately; (hint it’s been crazy busy!)

Wow, I forgot just how stressful and hectic taking on an extra ‘thing’ in life can be.  You get lulled into a false sense of security, with everything swimming along well enough, and then WHAM, life hits you in the face with another obligation and you aren’t sure which way is up anymore….. That’s what has happened to me anyway, since I started studying again, and boy oh boy, it’s been a crazy few weeks!

Let’s get you up to speed shall we!?  I have been tossing up beginning university for a few years now, and I popped into my local university centre to enquire about a Bachelor of Education in February.  Naturally I missed the boat on starting a bridging course to get into my desired degree by a week, and so have had to wait to start in second semester. I’ve been getting things in order, getting ready to start study again for a few months, and yet I was still shocked by how busy and how massive the workload has been for me.  I already spend the bulk of my days in various volunteer roles, running around after Charlie and keeping the home fires burning, so adding another thing was always going to put tree on the system.  I admit I envisaged starting my bridging course as being a gentle slope that would steadily build, until I was up to where I needed to be.  I explained to people that I needed to ease myself into study, after so long out of the game….,. little did I know I was about to be slapped in the face with a workload I did not anticipate.  Gone is the gentle trot, up the hill to knowledge, instead I feel like I’m sprinting up a near vertical incline!  While I am only doing 3 units (compared to a full load of 5), I still feel pretty overwhelmed.

If there is one thing I have learnt in the short time I have been back studying, it’s that we can do amazing things with a bit of git and determination.  After heading off for the school holidays to Perth (planned back when I thought I’d be doing a gentle stall through the halls of tertiary education), I made sure I was up a few hours earlier than the kids, and studied until they were awake, then every break we had from rushing out to see family and friends I jumped back in front of my textbooks.

I have also learned just how vital good mental health is, and the importance of self care.  I have made sure I have the tools to look after myself in what is sure to be a crazy 5 months coming up.  I’ve found taking the time to have a nice coffee or tea, getting my housework done early in the day (when possible) so that it’s out of the way, is making a great difference in how I am coping while I am flat out.

So there you have it, life lately has been a whirlwind of school holidays and beginning uni.  It’s times like these that I feel both exhausted and like I can conquer the world…. stay tuned for world domination (after I get a decent nights sleep)





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