Toddlers are A$$holes (and other parenting truths)

Most people think that the newborn stage is the hardest and most exhausting to get through, and maybe I am one of a very few who would say this, but I actually think toddler-hood is even harder, and here’s why.

Toddlers often have the physical ability but lack any coordination OR reasoning skills and therefore simply don’t understand why they cannot do something they want to ( like Charlie trying to steal my butchers knife off my bench today!).  This makes keeping them safe that much harder, they want



Toddlers are so adorable and cute, but it seems to happen when you are at home and not in public.  In public toddlers are often so overstimulated by everything around them they melt down in the most spectacular fashion.

But it’s the cute moments that get you through the tough times!


My children are way too often achingly polite one minute, and then suddenly morph into whinging, obnoxious, demanding monsters the next.  It seems to be a universal truth, that at the moment you need to get through a shopping trip, phone call or other time sensitive job, they will chose that moment to decide they have had enough of being cute and agreeable, and suddenly morph into screaming banshee’s.


But when it’s all said and done, we love them anyway.  A combination of their huge eyes that say so much, their cute snuffles when falling asleep on your chest, or the way their whole face lights up when they smile, toddlers are still adorable.


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