When you have something to say

I don’t know if this is a surprise, but I’m pretty shy.  I used to struggle with public speaking (and still do sometimes if I have no prep time), I still sometimes struggle to speak up in a group situation, but I am conquering my fear more and more.  

I was recently asked to speak at an economic summit, it was public and would be filled with high profile industry & community leaders and politicians.  I was told I had 10 minutes and I was asked to speak about the role of women in the rural economy.  I was so scared.


While I am not as petrified of public speaking as I used to be, it’s not something I think I am good at, nor does it come naturally to me.  I have watched people get up on stage and speak for over 40 minutes with no notes, and keep their audience engaged, amused and informed- this is not me.  If I speak in public I need to have a written speech that I’ve practised 10 times.  Despite this I got up on stage and I did my speech- and I’m not ashamed to toot my own horn- I’m proud of myself!

I’ve decided I am not going to let my self doubt get in the way of saying what needs to be said.  When you have something to say, if it means enough, you can conquer your fear and say it.


No I will never have a job as a public presenter, but I’m okay with that, as long as I have the guts to get up when I need to.  And I’m finding the more I speak in public, the easier it becomes.

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Photo credit- Chris Lewis ABC Open

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