“Mum, how many sleeps until Christmas?”

Oh, surely those words strike fear into most parents hearts?! I know this year I am woefully unprepared for the festive season, but it is approaching with the speed of a freight train, and so it’s time to start trying to get organised.

Last year I was a tad more prepared than I am this year.  I’m going to use the excuse that I’m studying and leave it at that (even though I know thats pretty pitiful).

So what am I doing right now to get ready? Here’s my current festive  ‘to do’ list.

Update the calendar

I keep a calendar for the family, plus my Erin Condren Life Planner (read about that here).  I have been making sure that I keep our list of obligations up to date so we all know what’s going on and we can make plans about what we are doing. So far November is looking frantic and December is crazy, but the really scary part is January is looking even more busy!


Make a list and check it twice

I think Christmas is pretty synonymous with presents.  Now is the time to make a present list (if like me, you haven’t already).  Teachers, bus drivers, sports instructors, friends, kids, family…. the more lead time I have, the more cost effective my present buying/ making will be.  Hopefully writing a list will also avoid those awkward ‘I have a spare gift somewhere’ moments.


Plan your pantry

Buy non perishables NOW.  In my local supermarket, just before Christmas jelly crystals always sell out, ditto with tinned fruit and condensed milk, mixed dried fruit- the list goes on.  In order to space out our Christmas spending and avoid a year of bubblegum flavoured jelly I’m buying the things that will last a few months now.

Book your beauty appointments

Hairdresser, beautician, massage, pedicure- if you like to get gussied up (or even if it’s part of your normal routine through the year) those December appointments fill up fast. I know I’m going to be pushing it to get a good appointment now, but it’s better to get a less that perfect time than nothing at all!

Order Christmas cards

Those cute custom printed Christmas cards that I love to send out take a bit of effort!  I’ve worked out that if we take the photo next week, then I order the cards after that, I might actually get them out by mid December (lets be honest if they make it to everyone by Christmas Eve I’ll be happy).  If I put this on my to-do list now then it might get done before the silly season….


I’m already feeling like I’m lagging behind, so it will be interesting to see how our festive season pans out!  What have you already organised for Christmas?

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