About Me

Hi, I’m Pip, I’m a full-time uni student, volunteer and mother to 3 boys, living on a rural property in Western Australia.


I am a lolly addict, love reading, living in the country and helping out in my community.

I will admit to trying my hand at all manner of craft, photography, gardening and D.I.Y- and generally failing at them all- but I’ll keep trying!



Some things you should know about me- I love being a parent, but sometimes it’s hard work!  The best thing we can do is love our kids and try our best.

I’m definitely not perfect- and I promise not to pretend I am.  What you see on here is but a snapshot of our lives, please remember that.

I’m pretty passionate about a lot of things, especially farm life and I love to teach people about just what it takes to get our food to our plates- please if you want to know ANYTHING about broadacre farming or life on a farm contact me (if I don’t know- I’ll find out the answer)!!

I try to write when I have the chance- which lately isn’t as much as I’d like so keep an eye out, or sign up for email notifications.

I love hearing from those that read what I write- please feel welcome to comment or write or email me at the addresses below.

You can contact me at piprumble@gmail.com or write to me at P.O Box 87, Mullewa, WA, 6630