Post everything blues- when life comes crashing down

We’ve all heard of getting baby blues (the crying jag that hits like a freight train on about day 3 after having a baby- oh the joys), and the post holiday blues, but I recently returned home- in fact I didn’t even get onto my plane, and was walloped by some post conference blues.  While I knew it was inevitable that I would be going home to ‘normal life’ after a truly breathtaking experience at the Young Rural Women’s Muster (thanks to the National Rural Women’s Coalition), I really didn’t expect to struggle as much as I did.  So I thought I’d share 1) how to deal, and 2) that everyone feels like this sometimes and that’s ok

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The Young Rural Women’s Muster- what a journey!

Here I am, sitting in the airport at 3pm on Wednesday 9th November 2016, having finished the face to face part of my journey with the Young Rural Women’s Muster, hosted by the National Rural Women’s Network- a peak advisory body with a mission to empower and enhance the lives and capabilities of women in regional, rural and remote Australia.  I sit here utterly exhausted, yet absolutely empowered and invigorated.  I have been shown the power and potential I have always held within myself yet never recognized Continue reading

It’s ok to be different!

I am currently sitting in my hotel bed, it is 4.30am in Western Australia and 7.30am in Canberra where I am right now.  I have been so lucky to be selected to attend the Young Rural Women’s Muster, hosted by the National Rural Women’s Coalition in Canberra for 3 days.  It’s is an intensive leadership opportunity designed to bring together young women from rural, regional and remote Australia and give us some of the necessary skills to become leaders in our own communities.
While we are on the cusp of day 2 (a visit to Parliament House to meet some of the inspiring women in power in government) I thought I would share my (learning and physical) journey so far.   Continue reading

Farm Wife Life; What nobody told me about living on a farm

Have you seen the recent spate of “what I wish I knew before having kids”, or “7 things you didn’t know about birth”- well here’s my rural orientated version- these are some of the things that I didn’t know I needed to know before I moved out of town to live ‘truly rural’.  If I could go back in time to 8 years ago, this is what I’d tell the younger, pregnant, intrepid me.

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Spring Cleaning Guide for the Time Poor

In the southern hemisphere spring has sprung!  Our tulip, daffodil and iris bulbs are blooming, and everything is looking bright and cheery.  It’s also the time of year for a quick clean out to get everything looking and feeling fresh again!  Here’s my guide for what really needs cleaning out and decluttering in our house for those that have no time or energy.  Just do one bit at a time, over a few days or weeks and stick to each area until its done- don’t get distracted like me and end up with 5 things half done. Continue reading

Dear washing machine manufacturers- we need to talk

Now, I know it’s your job to sell white goods, and I know that having them last forever would mean your business would be in a bit of trouble, but is it too much to bloody ask to have a washing machine last for more than a blink of an eye!?! Or to have one that doesn’t have parts that break, or that just does it’s job– would it!!? Continue reading

Coping with Sick Kids

Winter is upon us and over the last couple of weeks all 3 of my kids have been ill.  Thankfully they have only had minor ailments- colds, coughs etc- but it still places an added stress on the household!!! I am lucky that I don’t work in the conventional sense- I do part time work in a volunteer (meaning unpaid) capacity and so if my kids are sick I can (luckily) stay at home with them without having to worry about sick leave etc -though I have fallen behind on my other work- sick kids take up so much extra time! Here is how I’ve survived (so far) with having a sick kid (or 3!!!!) at home.

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“Me Time” or lack thereof

Recently on the Fat Mum Slim, Photo a Day challenge the theme for the days photo was “Me Time”.  Unfortunately this took place on a Saturday- the one day of the week I am pretty much guaranteed to get absolutely no time for myself, but it got me thinking- what do I do to look after myself? What do other women, Mums or even anyone at all, do to keep themselves on track- what do we do for me time (and when do we get it!?) Continue reading

Daily Life; 5 things I couldn’t do without

I (like many people) have a pretty good routine happening to get me through each day.  There are somethings (and people) in my life I simply couldn’t do without and I thought I’d share with you my current loves that I don’t know how I’d do without… Continue reading