5 surprising things I’ve gained from becoming a student again

So many good things come from being a uni student- you get a student discount on public transport, you can get free Microsoft office programmes, and you (hopefully) learn new things!  I’m now in my third term of a bridging course that will see me eligible to enter a bachelor degree, I’m studying part time (25 hours a week is what they estimate) and I’ve been surprised at some of the positive things that have come about thanks to my study.   Continue reading

A day in the life- Swimming Carnival

Something that I have long toyed with is filming videos about our life on the farm, and while I’ve made a few, I’ve never had the confidence to put one online for friends, family and strangers to watch, but I’ve finally bitten the bullet and made a day-in-the-life video.  Continue reading

Get Organised; School is (almost) Back

Parents all over the country are alternately sobbing and cheering as school is about to start for another year.  For those sending their kids off for the first time it’s a bittersweet moment of letting them grow and wanting to hold onto them, for others its a time that you can take a huge sigh of relief and start cleaning up after the chaos of school holidays (I’m definitely the latter).

Continue reading

What do you do when your child isn’t doing well at school?

Chatting to the teacher- check, notes home- check, talking to your child- check.  Please someone tell me, because I really want to know the answer.  I’m involved at school and we have really good communication between the school and home, but one of my kids is just not doing well and I feel like a bit of a failure as a parent.  Continue reading