Life Lately; (hint it’s been crazy busy!)

Wow, I forgot just how stressful and hectic taking on an extra ‘thing’ in life can be.  You get lulled into a false sense of security, with everything swimming along well enough, and then WHAM, life hits you in the face with another obligation and you aren’t sure which way is up anymore….. That’s what has happened to me anyway, since I started studying again, and boy oh boy, it’s been a crazy few weeks! Continue reading

A M.A.D Sourdough weekend

Wine, good food, a warm and gracious host and fantastic company- this is how I would describe my weekend if I was limited to a single sentence.  Luckily I can expound on that a little more and tell you all about my wonderful weekend learning how to make sourdough bread and crumpets, laughing and exploring the historic grounds of Yuin Station.   Continue reading

But what do you do all day?!

I was asked the other day (and I still can’t believe it) what I “actually get up to everyday”.  I was in complete shock and couldn’t think of an eloquent response to put the person back in their box (I had to be polite- they are someone I see regularly). So I guess here is my response, where I know they won’t see it, but here it is anyway! Continue reading

News Flash; Parenting is hard!

I know, it’s totally new information, you didn’t know this before you read it right here, but I’m here to tell you- parenting is really, really, super-duper tough work.  You never know if what you are doing is right, are you too strict, too relaxed, to shouty or too quiet?   Am I screwing my kids up beyond repair!?   Continue reading

Life Lately; Autumn

What have you been up to? I’ve been busy. Really, really busy.  I know that’s really not much different to usual, but I have pictures to show you for once, so here it is, what I’ve been doing with my time lately.

Something exciting happened to me a few weeks past, I was lucky enough to be sent a Fat Mum Slim FunKit! One for myself, and one to hide for someone else.  I loved playing with mine, 

And had a huge amount of fun with Charlie hiding one for someone else!

Most exciting for our kids was their crazy hair day at school.  Coming the day before the rodeo, I’m afraid I didn’t really give it as much time I could have, but the kids loved their ‘cool hair’.

On top of all that, I was part of the committee of 6 that brought the Mullewa Muster & Rodeo to our town.  The ABCRA National finals rodeo in fact.  A full week of impersonating a headless chook came to fruition, and I think we are pretty thrilled with the seemless event we pulled off!

The bar at night was frantic! But lots of fun, everyone was happy and full of good manners, which is always nice for a bartender!

After getting our kids back from my parents, who look after them every year so we can give our full attention to the rodeo, it was straight back into Mum mode- with a sick baby that kept spiking high temperatures that just wouldn’t come down.  So off we went to the hospital to get a check of ears, chest and throat (all fine).  In the end we (the nurses and the doctor who walked up to check on Charlie after hours- so nice) decided it was simply a virus, and dosed him with both nurofen and panadol and gave him lots of love, he is now back to normal thank goodness!

This was all on top of our ‘normal’ of football training, tennis lessons, school, and dancing- it’s certainly been a big few weeks!

It’s Rodeo time! The Mullewa Muster & Rodeo is on again

Every year on the Western Australia Day long weekend the rodeo comes to Mullewa.  We have been a part of this since its inception, and while a few things have changed (kids added and grown, roles added and changed), the fact remains this is one of the craziest times of year for our family.  It’s a weekend of fun and laughter, chaos and stress, but once its over we all feel so proud to have helped make it a reality.   Continue reading

Erin Condren Life Planner; a review

I live a crazy- busy life and have a mind like a sieve, which means I am also a list writer and prolific planner and diary user.  I have tried out a pretty broad range of diaries and planners, but was never able to find one that really worked for me, until I bought an Erin Condren Life Planner.  I’ve talked about them a few times (this thing seriously saves my sanity!) and have had a few questions about what I use, so I thought I’d do a quick review and tell you a bit about why I love mine so darn much.
Continue reading

This is home; why I love where I live

It feels like an awfully long time ago that we moved to Mullewa, it was harvest, I was pregnant and we lived in an old, run down farm house 32km on the East side of town.  It was hot, dry, and so beautiful I fell in love.  Apart from moving to a different farm (this time closer to the coast, yay!), and now having 3 kids not much has changed.  I still love the country we live in- the red loam soil, the way it takes only the slightest rain for everything to turn green and pretty, and the community we live amongst is still as strong and vibrant as ever.   Continue reading

It’s National Volunteer week!

This week is the week we all get the chance to recognise the volunteers that make where we live a better place!  Volunteering is something that absolutely everyone can do, it doesn’t have to be a big thing, in fact often the little things can make the biggest difference!

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