Out & About with a new baby; what were my must haves

Anyone who has had to take a small human into public knows it’s not as simple as hauling them around in your arms.  The amount of stuff you have to take with you can get ridiculous, and it’s hard to know what you might really need, and what is just taking up space.  I was recently asked what were the things I used the most and so I’ve made a list of the 5 things I have used a lot in the hopes it will help cut down on the unnecessary ‘stuff’.  Continue reading


Birth; what I wish I knew

There were so many questions I had about what having a baby would be like when I was pregnant for the first time.  Would it be really painful? Would I be able to have pain relief? How would I know what to do and would I be able to have control? I wanted the answers and everything I was told, or read was so vague I couldn’t nail down one answer.  It took me 3 babies to realize the reason that so much information was conflicting was because every birth is different! Having said that, there are a few things that tend to be more or less universal and these are the things I thought I’d share.    Continue reading

Bringing Home Baby – What I learnt the hard way

Oh a newborn baby is something so precious- a true miracle!  When you bring your bundle of joy home there are some things you might not know you need to know, I’m going to save you the hard yards of learning through trial and error- here’s what I wish I knew before we brought our boys home! Continue reading

What to get a new Mum

I attended a baby shower on the weekend. It was gorgeous to ooh and aaah over the glowing Mumma’s big belly and lots of fun to watch her unwrap her presents. But it made me realize that many people are at a loss as to what they could get as a gift for a soon to be Mum (or a new baby)- especially when it’s a second, third or even fourth addition to the family! So I thought I’d use my infinite wisdom (not really), and my experience in both giving & receiving gifts for babies and give some suggestions- hopefully, they help!  Continue reading

The Sneeze

Charlie’s afternoon nap time is from 1pm till 3pm and if he misses it we all (I) suffer for it.   This afternoon he decided (and I’m sure he has an excellent reason) not to fall asleep in his cot as he usually does.   After an hour of crying in which he did not stop, I relented & gave him his dummy. He still didn’t stop crying- just spat it out & waved his little fists around.  There were real tears and all! Continue reading

5 Tips for Camping with a Baby

Easter is often the time many of us venture forth for a family camping adventure.  We took our first camping trip as a family of five over the Easter break and I’ve definitely come away with some ideas on how to make life easier when you are away from the comforts of home with a baby in tow.   Continue reading