Life Lately; Autumn

What have you been up to? I’ve been busy. Really, really busy.  I know that’s really not much different to usual, but I have pictures to show you for once, so here it is, what I’ve been doing with my time lately. Continue reading

Please don’t tell me to “just take a deep breath”

It’s not easy to write the less than perfect parts of life, and while I’d love to pretend I’m 100% on top of everything, that’s sadly not the case!

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Farm Wife Life; but what about the kids?

Living on a farm is pretty amazing, but I put a call out to my lovely Instagram friends the other day, asking if they had any questions about rural and regional life, and I received a few really great questions.  Kelly from Be a Fun Mum asked me about how we foster opportunities for kids with what are sometimes limited resources, which is so relevant to our current life that I couldn’t help but jump on here and answer! Continue reading

Busy or effective?

I’m busy.  I’m so busy doing stuff , that I have no time for the little things like playing with the kids, or taking time to relax or do something I really, really want to.  I’m time and energy poor and it’s starting to get on my nerves!  So I’m writing this letter to myself, and all the other people out there that have too much going on to do things that they really want to do.
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a M.A.D evening of Lino Printing

I know countless numbers of people are wondering just what happens when you combine a handful of people, some ink and sharp tools of a lazy Sunday afternoon, so I though I’d spare you a trip to Mullewa and give you a peep.

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Why Volunteering Makes the World Go ‘Round

In any community- big or small, urban or rural, the single best way to meet people and make meaningful connections is to volunteer.  By selflessly putting yourself out there, you are showing people who you are and volunteering says only good things about you.  It says you’re thoughtful, and care about something other than yourself, and if you volunteer- give you time for little in return- in my opinion you are someone I want to know.

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Our Agricultural Show

Phew! The Ag show is over for another year! It was  fantastic day and lots of fun but gosh it’s hard work.  Someone asked me to describe how an event like our local Ag show actually comes about after commenting about how busy we were in the show office on show day-

“Wow, an event like this is a lot of work, you’ve been busy at the heart of the show ‘eh?!”

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